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Artist favorites & recent works


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classic car mural
Wall mural depicting the progression of Studebaker manufacturing since the late 1880’s: Wagons, Cars: early 1900’s, 1930’s, 1950’s & 1960’s. Craft Brewing 2018. Size: 6′ by 18′ Medium: “Montana” Acrylic Spray Paint Location: Studebaker Grill & Brewing Company, South Bend, IN Year: 2020

“Rainbow Farms Graffiti Art Wall”

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Exterior Wall Mural Size: 6′ by 36″  Medium: “Montana Cans” Acrylic Spray Paint Location: Vandalia, MI Year: 2021

“Tossed ToGo”

custom mural
graffiti mural
Exterior Wall Mural created for Tossed To Go, a new restaurant specializing in gourmet quality salads. The character is the Swedish Chef Muppet. Size: 10′ by 12′ Medium: “Montana” Acrylic Spray Paints Location: South Bend, IN Year: 2020

“Battle of Hoth”

star wars graffiti mural
star wars mural
A tribute to the Battle of Hoth scene in “Empire Strikes Back” Size: 4′ by 10′ Medium: Acrylic Spray Paint Location: Hop Station, Mishawaka, Indiana Photos: Ryan Hodges Photography Year: 2019

“Crystal Vodka” Skulls

skull glass painting
Hand-Painted Skulls Medium: Acrylic Paints Location: Hop Station, Mishawaka, IN

“Mobile Suit Gundam”

graffiti mural Gundam
Gundam enthusiast 
Peg Board Size:  2 ‘ x 4 ‘ Medium: Hand-painted Acrylic Year: 2020


Lord of the Rings reproduction “Rivendell”
Peg Board Size: 2′ by 4′ Medium: Hand-painted Acrylics Year: 2019

“Porsche 911”

porsche mural
Canvas delivered to a Porsche Enthusiast
Canvas Mural Size: 4′ by 8′ Medium: Acrylic Spray Paint
Year: 2019


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“The Boys”

Canvas Mural Size: 3′ by 4″ Medium: Hand-painted Acrylic Paints Location: Elkhart, IN Year: 2021

“The Boys”

Created for a training gym
Interior Wall Mural Size: 15′ by 33′  Medium:  Acrylic Spray Paint
Location: Elkhart, IN Year: 2014

“Body Art”

Location: South Bend, Indiana Year: 2019