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Artist Bio

Mission Statement
To make people aware of the surrounding realities that are available on this plane of existence.

Alex Van Galder is the founder & CEO of Van Galder Murals which began as a sole proprietor in 2012. In 2015, the company was changed to a corporation under Van Galder Murals, Inc. Finally, in 2019, the company was changed to a sole proprietor LLC.

Alex was born in Madison, Wisconsin, and was raised by his mother. Due to poverty and gang violence, in Madison, It was difficult to find an existence that did not include drive-by shootings. Two of his friends were murdered – one being only fourteen years old. Growing up his interests included: riding through the city, stopping at local comic book shops, and exploring different neighborhoods he lived in. He, also, enjoyed collecting cards, reading, and martial arts in which he holds a Black Belt. Alex and his mother moved to Indiana in 1994, after Alex had been hit by a vehicle and his tibia and fibula were broken. He had moved thirteen times before his 8th birthday until his final move to Indiana. In 2005. he graduated from Northridge High School, Middlebury, Indiana.

Alex started tagging when he was seventeen, where he found his love of art. He attended Vincennes University in which he majored in Fine Arts. The highlight in college was a trip to Europe in which his art professor took Alex and other students to Greece & Italy guiding and exposing them to historical cathedrals, ancient ruins, and art from centuries past. After the birth of his first child in 2012, drove Alex to actively pursue his art career.

In the hopes of helping low-income children, Alex created Graff Bash Fundraising which is a non-profit organization donating to the Bashor Children’s Home in Goshen, Indiana. Graff Bash Fundraising, Inc began holding fundraising events in 2014 in Elkhart Indiana at High Dive Park. After the building was demolished by the city, he requested the use of the South Bend Art Wall on Jefferson & Niles in South Bend, Indiana where he coordinated with other artists, the city, and the police to keep the art wall maintained. The art wall is being demolished by the city so he changed his venue, again.

The most recent event was at the Rio Park Events Center, 3028 E. Mishawaka Ave, South Bend, Indiana in September 2021 where Graff Bash Fundraising, Inc began focusing on art for the community. Creative artists from our area and all over the Midwest create murals during the events in a public venue to encourage other talented artists, provide enrichment to the Michiana community, and spread the hope of a brighter future.